Thursday, December 15, 2016

Motion Video

Fanoflex folding door in our Showroom

This beautiful Textile Folding door in grey velvet was Installing in our Showroom, to help customers touch the quality and beauty of our Product. Fanoflex could build folding door of every dimension, such as this one, 3 meters large and 4 meters high.

Turquoise Velvet Folding Door

Velvet Folding Door

In a marvellous attic in the centre of Modena, Mint Studio of Architect Bertoli Roberta has chosen Fanoflex Folding Door, coated in a turquoise velvet, for divide the bedroom for the livingroom, to enrich the aestetic of the place and ensure a soundproofing comfort.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Vigogna Folding Door

Vigogna Folding Door

Photos of a work done for a client, an authorized seller in Rome.
A Vigogna Folding Door in color creamy white, an eco-leather Bioactive treated, antibacterical and very strong, the guide is recessed into the ceiling.
The silver squared shape handle, is synonymous with our opportunity to supply a custom product, based on the specific demands of customers and clients.