Sunday, November 27, 2011

History since 1950

1950, the accordion folding door was introduced in the market.
1960, the doors were having a huge success, there have been used as traditional doors, spaces partition and cabinets doors.
1970, the introduction of plastic gave birth to the PVC folding door made of extruded plastic panels.
1980, the eco-friendly leather folding doors were supplanted by those in PVC for two main reasons: the first one involved the price, as  the PVC door cost was about one third of the faux leather cost; the second reason concerned the lifetime, in fact a PVC door ruins very easily if you stub yous toe on it, in this way the slide of the panels supporting the handle breaks and the door doesn't work any longer, the eco-friendly folding doors, indeed, are built with a metal frame inside then they are very difficult to break.
1990, the workforce cost increased substantially in relation to the raw materials one, as consequence a really small number of the 40 companies that produced the eco-friendly leather folding door was able to stay in the business.
2000, the last companies as well removed the production of this article, all but one which tried to innovate and modernize.
2010, eco-friendly leather doors are well-known for their long duration, resistance and versatility. They coordinates with any kind of environment and the ultimate model that has been created a model is a self-supporting divider.

A special thank to Fanoflex, the historical company that produces the accordion folding doors, and to its website to assist us in the creation of this blog.

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