Gio Ponti's speech

Great Architect Gio Ponti's speech about spaces and folding doors 

Gio Ponti Ideal House

This house was built for myself, as the first example of a house where there would be the maximum space to live in and on the other side it represents what the ecole musique referred to as the machine abitée, concerning the installation which makes the place working and livable.
How do you get the biggest space? I achieved it in the highest meaning with these openings which are not only doors, but they can be open as much as you want and they are sound-proof and allow a global view since the building starts here and ends there. Here we attained what I want for every building to be, not those little spaces you can recently find in new buildings, especially in the so called social housing.
I want to give these buildings as much space as possible, which has to be divisible and therefore transformable. We are still at the first steps of this idea since here the transformation involves only these movements.
The ideal house is where you don't have constraints, like there has to be a bedroom, the kitchen, the living room, the studio and so on.
I must say that when people cant take advantage of a certain thing dont want to do that. If I made a house where there isnt anything to show off, therefore there arent additional costs, people dont want to build it since the just want to earn profits.


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